A Novel Education - Oliver Twist

Fall 1: September 15-November 10

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A Novel Education's Oliver Twist course is a Level 3 8-week course in which you will learn the novel itself, how to read closely and analyze the story, plus multiple other subjects including history, geography, art, and writing.

This course isn't just about learning and enjoying Oliver Twist. Using the story as a basis for other subjects not only helps the student understand and connect with the novel better, it excites more interest in the subjects being studied.

Course Structure

Each weekly module contains one video lecture and includes written, hands-on, and internet assignments. Student questions and further discussion will be addressed via email and Facebook group.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • A complete understanding of Oliver Twist
  • An understanding of 19th century British society
  • Knowledge of the geography of London and the surrounding areas
  • A better understanding of 19th century art
  • Essay writing and journaling skills

You will meet the objectives listed above through a combination of the following activities in this course:

  • Listening to the videos once per week
  • Completing the study guide chapter by chapter
  • Completing the Activities for Learning assignments each week
  • Completing 2 essays by the end of the course
  • Completing the activities and projects for other subjects as assigned

Course Requirements

  • Copy of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
  • Internet connection
  • Access to email and Facebook
  • Computer for viewing course videos and powerpoints and for research as necessary
  • Printer
  • Binder or other folder to keep course work and study guide in
  • Art supplies

Your Instructor

KT Brison
KT Brison

Since before I was able to read for myself, I have been passionate about books. My time as a children's librarian and public school educator led me to the decision to homeschool my two youngest boys. From the beginning, we have used a literature-rich curriculum in our homeschool. Eight years later, I have combined all my experience and knowledge into courses to help your homeschoolers not only understand literature but use it to understand other subjects, too.

I blog at Lit Mama, providing advice and activities for creating excitement about reading in kids of all ages. My YA novel, Frog's Princess, is available at Amazon. I've been a featured writer on several sites, including Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus, as well as in Mary Jane's Farm Magazine.

Course Curriculum

  A Novel Education Oliver Twist Syllabus Fall 1
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Novel Education?
A Novel Education Homeschool Academy is an online literature resource that teaches novels to young students one book at a time. Using the novels as a starting point, A Novel Education teaches other subjects such as history, geography, art, science, and math. Built into 6 to 8 week courses, A Novel Education offers the homeschool student an in-depth look at the novel of choice and a chance to relate the novel to real-world lessons. A prolific writing regimen also gives students the chance to hone their essay and journaling skills.
Who should enroll in this course?
Homeschool students who want to enjoy an affordable and fun literature course independently.
What format is the course?
The course will be based on one video per week and will include written, hands-on, and internet assignments.Assignments will be included within the module and can be turned in by email at [email protected] and concerns can be addressed through the same email or through the Facebook group via Lit Mama.
What level is the course?
I have never been a fan of 'reading levels.' I believe every one of these courses can be tweaked for almost any age. However, I leveled them according to the difficulty of language in the novels. The Oliver Twist course is a Level 3 course, meaning it contains difficult vocabulary that will better enjoyed by ages 13 and up If you are a younger student who would like to take a Level 3 course, I recommend reading aloud with a parent or older sibling.
When does the course start and finish?
The course runs from September 15-November 10, 2018
How long do I have access to the course?
You can access the course any time, day or night, September 15-November 10, 2018
What qualifies you to teach this course?
I am educated as both a children's librarian and an early childhood/elementary educator and worked in both fields for several years. The majority of my training is in literature-based education from the very youngest readers through high school and includes making reading interesting and fun with activities and comprehension lessons. I am an 8-year veteran of a literature-based homeschool in which I have used this very method. I am a 3-year blogging professional at Lit Mama, where I offer advice, activities, and free printables to help homeschooling parents encourage lifetime readers.
There are plenty of literature courses out there. What makes this one different?
A Novel Education isn't just about reading the book and analyzing or understanding it. Rather, these courses glean as much education from each novel as they can, showing the homeschool student how books and stories truly do relate to the real world and all the subjects they learn about outside of reading. A Novel Education won't completely replace your other homeschool activities, but it will enhance them by giving the student fun and educational assignments that give them a better grasp of the novel and the extra knowledge each novel has to impart.
What if I need extra help?
I will be available for contact via Facebook group and email at [email protected] I will answer questions as quickly as possible to help the student progress.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
My goal is to help the student work independently within multiple subjects while enjoying quality literature. While I understand that each student learns differently and may not be able to work within the parameters of the course, I believe 2 weeks is enough time for the student to become comfortable with the work or to realize the course is not for him or her. Therefore, you have 2 weeks from the beginning of the course to receive a full refund if you realize it's not for you. You must provide me with proof that you completed the activities therein and contacted me with questions or difficulties before deciding the course is not for you, as well as a detailed description of why it didn't work for you. . After 2 weeks, no refund is available.

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